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Fan Check is Back and Now with Photo Tagging

The Fan Check Application is back now after a little downtime. It now creates an image of your top friends, uploads it to your account with your friends tagged. There have been rumors about it being a virus, but that is unlikely.


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Fan Check is Under Construction

We found out from one of this sites visitors that the Fan Check Facebook Application (formerly known as “Stalker Check”) is currently under construction.

Their application states:

“FanCheck is adding new features and new capacity. This could take a few days.
Please become a fan, and we’ll send you an update when we’re back online.”

For now, check out their website:


Facebook Friends Checker App

[UPDATE]: We’ve been informed that this application

It seems like everyone is checking out the Facebook Friend Checker App. It’s a stalker tool for keeping tabs on which of your friends are defriending you. The Facebook Friends Checker plugin for Google Chrome isn’t brand new though. This script is written up by Mashable, however it has been conveniently been packaged up as a Chrome Plugin, so it is coming back in popularity.

Facebook Friend Checker App Description

Regularly checks your Facebook friends to check whether anyone has removed you from their friends

When the script detects that someone you used to be friends with is no longer one of your friends, a message will appear informing you about who it was and giving a link to their profile page (the list of friends-id save on your browser localstorage).

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Stalker Check is now Fan Check

Stalker Check has renamed itself to “Fan Check” We will have to see what made them change it…

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