Rhett & Link’s Facebook Song

Rhett & Link are known for making funny commercials for local businesses, but they went ahead and made a funny video for Facebook. Check it out:

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Restraining Order on Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook Stalker

The ultimate Facebook Stalker (in a creepy, not good way) is awarded to 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda who now has a restraining order from the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, his sister Randi and his girlfriend. This is due to numerous creepy messages through Facebook, and even showing up at his house, not cool.

Source: Article on TMZ

Mark Zuckerburg on SNL – The Social Network Movie

Mark Zuckerburg appeared on SNL alongside the actor Jesse Eisenberg who played him in the movie. Check out this awkward clip:

Steven Colbert on Privacy

Steven Colbert Chimes in on Facebook Stalkers and Privacy.

American Civil Liberty Union Speaks out About Facebook Places

The ACLU of Northern California is speaking out about the privacy concerns of Facebook’s new Places feature and quoting things like:

  • In the world of Facebook Places, “no” is unfortunately not an option.
  • Facebook is rolling out “here now,” privacy later.


Facebook Places is a Stalkers Dream Feature

Not only can you find out what your friends are doing, now you can find out where they are! You heard me right. Facebook announced today their new Places feature that will allow you to “Checkin” to different places all around the world.

This is kind of exciting, but kind of scary too, what do you think? Are you more scared or more excited to use the new Places feature?

The feature should be released tomorrow starting with users in the USA and then rolling out to all users soon after. Information can currently be found on their developer documentation as well as in a video of their live announcement.

Images Source: Business Insider

Privacy Settings to-go Please!

Facebook has now made privacy settings available via their mobile site.

Information can be found on their blog.


Facebook be Hatin’ on Stalkers

What’s with all these new privacy settings? Here’s the latest video from the Facebook Blog on Privacy.

Source of Video: Facebook Blog Post

Read more on Facebook Privacy at the FB Privacy Page on Facebook

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Sweet Facebook Stalker – E-Card

Someecards has a Facebook application. Send a card to someone you heart <3.

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Are Parents the Biggest Facebook Stalkers? [VIDEO]

We remember the AWESOME video from the Onion showing how a mom can stalk their kid online, however this new video “My Mom’s on Facebook” almost outdoes it. Check it out!

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