Updated link and ‘How it Works’

Link Updated

The link to the application has been updated. Their website www.stalkercheck.com is down, but their Facebook application is still working.

How it Works

From the developers of the application:

  • “Thanks everyone for your questions and comments. The list is based on a number of factors, but real interactions (wall posts, likes, comments etc) are weighted heavily. The app considers the last 200 friend interactions – for most people this means visitors over the last month.”

It shows you your top stalkers and actually ranks them in order. You then also have the option to click on your friends who have been “stalking” you and check out their top stalkers.


It is pretty accurate if the person that is stalking you also talks to you… The problem comes when the person that is stalking you tries to leave no trace (which is usually the case). I don’t think there will ever be a Facebook application that would let you trace the people that don’t want to be traced… there is always wishful thinking though!
Add the Stalker Checker Application

Adding the Application

When you click on the link for the Stalker Checker Application, you will see this ->

Stalker Checker In Use

Here is a screenshot of the application running under my account. For my the privacy of my friends and my own, I’ve blurred the images and names.

Stalker Check
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