Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Contact Info on Facebook

Real Facebook Stalkers are NOT cool and this dude took Facebook stalking too far. This post is meant as a warning to protect yourself from the creeptastic Facebook Stalkers out there.

Depending on your privacy settings, your Facebook friends, their friends or even people in your network have access to some or all of your information. In September, a 20 year old man in New Jersey was arrested for terrorizing juveniles and women using information gleaned from their Facebook accounts. According to the article, he threatened his victims lives. The young man utilized several fake Facebook accounts, emails and cell phone numbers to contact his victims.

Don’t put your personal contact info for the public to see and you can hopefully avoid the super creeptastic stalkers out there. Here are resources from Facebook to help secure your information.

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Teen Arrested for Drunk Driving Hit and Run due to Facebook Post

Sometimes you don’t need stalkers, you just need to be dumb enough to post illegal things you did on Facebook. This kid posted:

Drivin drunk…. classsic ;-) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :-P

Would you have reported your friend if they posted something like this?


Another Facebook Stalker Song

We love seeing Facebook Stalker tribute videos. These guys get really dramatic and throw in some stalker attitude. I wish we could have another stalker or friend checking app, but sadly those days are over. Facebook stalking is up to you!

Jenna Marbles addresses Facebook Stalkers

Here is what Jenna says in her video:

What I want to talk about today is about creeps on the internet. Because this is one of the most requested videos for me to do. People are like “talk about all the creeps on Facebook and Twitter and people trying to stalk your shit. And if you’ve learned anything from my videos in the past, you would know that when I finally address videos that you request, you’re not gonna like it. Because we’re about to call you out motherf*#)r.

First of all, just off the top. I’m just gonna say I fully respect and support everyone’s right to stalk others on the internet. Now I’m going to tell you why. Lets all reflect in on ourselves for a second, shall we. Think about all your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or YouYube, or people you follow or anything like that. Think about it. Now think about how many of those people you’ve never actually never met in person. If you’re watching this video there’s a chance that some of you have never met me, cause I haven’t met 20 million people. Why do you follow celebrities on Twitter? Why do you like their Facebook pages? Why do you anything on the internet that doesn’t involve you or like your mom?

You see my sweet angel faces, that’s where the answer is. We are all our own definitions of f#*@ng creeps. The reason that social media is so successful on the internet (f#*@ng Zuckerburg) is because people have this natural curiosity about what other people are like. Whether you know them or not. That’s f&$(@ng human nature. It’s like you get to step into their private world and see what they’re like, and their life and stuff. Then when you creep on someone for long enough you feel like you know them, like they’re your friend that lives on the internet, 104 Internet St. like me. For those of you that were honest with yourself for the last minute of this video, I just want to say congratulations for realizing it, and embracing it cause you are looking at an internet stalker. I’ll be the first one to f$&@ing admit that sh*t. You see a hot girl or guy on Facebook or Twitter and you friend them or follow them, and you don’t really know why. Dude, you’re just curious, you just want to know about their life. You just want to know them. Be on them. There is nothing wrong with that. And girls, for those of you that are complaining about creeps when they post on your Facebook or Twitter about your pictures or whatever, you just need to shut the f*&k up. Because for a guy to say something like “I want to gobble your meat curtains like a saber tooth tiger.” Maybe that’s just his way of telling you “hey girl, I think your vagina is sexual.” Instead of being on the stuck up train, maybe you should get off and go choo choo, thank you. That doesn’t mean he’s actually gonna do it, he just wants to be sexual and compliment you in a creative way that you didn’t know existed.

That doesn’t make him a creep, that just maybe means that his line of appropriate is a little bit different than yours. We’re all different, okay, got it? We got to accept each other, some of us are just more sexual than others. And for those of you that complain about like status updates where people write those annoying things like “I hate my life” or like everything that they do, they update their status about. If you had never internet stalked that person at some point or another, you wouldn’t know that they’re crazy. Zuckerburg did you a f*((king favor. You should send him a damn fruit basket or something cause you almost dated that girl. We all, the people of the internet just need to accept and admit that we’re all a bunch of f($(@ng creeps. We f*$@ing love stalking each other’s shit. Endless hours of f*@&@ng entertainment. Love it. Please everyone, have some understanding for these people that you keep throwing the word creep at like you don’t even care about them. They’re a human too, they’re just a little bit more up front with their curiosity than you are. If we could all just say “You’re a creep, I’m a creep, we’re all a bunch of creeps, then we can just creep on each other.” No stop, just creep, creep, creep, creep, mother f$*(er high five. And remember that there is a difference between internet stalking and going to someone’s house and cutting their skin off. Don’t forget that, it’s important.

Facebook Checker App

Find out who unfriends you by using the Friends Checker for Facebook (Facebook Checker App). Its popularity has been exploding lately and the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times. It downloads a list of your friends from Facebook to start, then when you go back, it downloads the list again and see who is no longer your friend.

Let us know what you think of the app in the comments!

Download the Android App Here.

Facebook IPOs and Joins the Nasdaq

Do you know what this means? You can make money from people stalking! That’s right. Buy some Facebook Stock “FB” on Nasdaq and you’ll be buying a portion of Facebook. Finally stalking is profitable, happy days!

More information on Mashable

Your Very Own Personalized Facebook Stalker Horror Video

TakeThisLollipop.com takes your Facebook information and transforms it into a very creepy video. Here is the Director of this creepy site.

Your Own Personalized Facebook Stalker Video is ready and waiting for you, will you take this lollipop?

Facebook Owns Your Organs When You Die

Well, they don’t OWN your organs, but you can share if you are an organ donor on Facebook now. When you pass away, Facebook will know if you’re an organ donor if you elect to share this information. This will save lots of lives by providing more organ transplants. Check out Mark Zuckerburg’s commentary on it.

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Here is information on how to set this up on your profile:

Facebook Stalker – Standup Comedy Skit – Taylor Bos

Here is what Talor Bos comedy skit on Facebook stalking says:

You guys like Facebook? Cool, I like Facebook. I like Facebook cause I got an ex-girlfriend that I’m still in love with. So how else am I supposed to stalk her? I don’t got the gas money to go up to Santa Monica every night. So for now, I just log in and cry. Sings: “I will remember”.

The only thing I don’t like about Facebook is I don’t like how it exposes how limited my wardrobe is. Everybody I’ve come in contact with knows I’m on a six shirt rotation which is awesome.

The other thing I don’t like right now about Facebook is that I made friends with someone with the same name as me. It’s pretty cool at first, but then you go around and start liking all my photos? So it looks like I’ve been going around. It’s making me look like a real weirdo right now.

Hey guys, know that photo I posted a year ago? Starting today, I like it too! Suprised you guys didn’t know that. That’s why I posted it.

You guys, I think the Pandora application on my phone thinks I’m a phone that just got dumped. You give a couple of thumbs up to a couple of love songs and you start cramming them down my throat. You don’t know me Pandora (but secretly keep them coming). I’m glad you know I’m a romantic. I love you Pandora. Look at me, I love you.

You got Stalk Blocked! – New Facebook Stalking Music Video – “This Social Net Ain’t Working”

I love the term “Stalk Block”, it’s even made it to Urban Dictionary! Ever stalk a girl on Facebook before asking her out? A denied friend request hurts! Check out this awesome music video of some guys Facebook Stalking.

Here are the Lyrics:

This social net ain’t working
Baby girl just caught me lurking
Don’t worry girl, that’s just the way it’s done
We all log into Facebook to stalk someone

She’s working the angles,
Looking fine, looking thin
Birds eyes disquise those thighs and double chins
Your profile pics, they always rock me
But you make them prive, why you gotta stalk block me?

This social net ain’t working
Baby girl just caught me lurking
Don’t worry girl, that’s just the way it’s done
We all log into Facebook to stalk someone

Been keeping tabs on that bro you’re dating
He blocked me request, OMG he’s hating
Girl, who’s this chump posting on your wall?
Ain’t he seen my guns? He’s looking kinda small

Searching for the lights, I just need to know now
Your relationship is changed, so I’m Facebook Stalking you
Do you fly honey, and I have to make a move (have to make a move)
but not til I read her info, though I come off silky smooth (silky smooth)

This social net ain’t working
Baby girl just caught me lurking
Don’t worry girl, that’s just the way it’s done
We all log into Facebook to stalk someone